Our Quartets

We have a number of great quartets in TuneTown Show Chorus that we are very proud of. Some are available to perform as well. If your next event would be enhanced by some intimate four-part harmonies, have a look at our quartets:







spotonquartetSpot On
Contact: Maggie McAlexander, 317-966-2732




  • Maggie McAlexander, Tenor 
  • Jennifer Wheaton, Lead
  • Joy Coleman, Baritone
  • Kris Wheaton, Bass







Contact: Sherry Clifton, 615-415-8089



  • Linda Mitchem, Tenor 
  • Katie Bergstrom, Lead
  • Sherry Clifton, Baritone
  • Sherida Foster, Bass




DCMS-ttDon't Call Me Shirley
Contact: Caki Watson, 504-957-6655



Deb Box, Tenor 

Becca Grimmer, Lead

Caki Watson, Baritone

Robin Williams, Bass





Contact: Robin Rosch fdrosch@yahoo.com


  • Tamra Reynolds, Tenor 
  • Robin Rosch, Lead
  • Ramona Robertson, Baritone
  • Betty Hale, Bass






revetrainrêvé (reh-VEY; ?eve) 
-v. to have dreamed 
[from Middle French rêver, to dream; imagine; aspire]
Contact: Jaimie Williams, 615-522-2050


  • Quincie Smith, Tenor 
  • Heather Cryer, Lead
  • Grace Thomson, Baritone
  • Jaimie Williams, Bass


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